Rhinoplasty is not only done for aesthetic purposes

Stating that nasal aesthetics is performed not only for aesthetic purposes but also for health problems, Dr. Okan Morkoç shared the following about rhinoplasty.

“The nose is an organ that contributes a lot to the aesthetic and harmonic appearance of our face. It is not only our breathing organ, but also a part of our vision. It is very normal for every person to have a visible or invisible arch in their nose, and it is a situation we often encounter. The curvature of the midline of the nose or the presence of a large structure located on the side walls of the nose, which we call concha, may prevent air passage through the nose. Here, nasal aesthetics is not only for aesthetic and beauty purposes, but also for the elimination of obstructions due to structural defects in the nose and to allow the person to breathe comfortably. In short, it is an operation that we often do not only for aesthetic purposes but also for functional purposes. If individuals are uncomfortable with the shape of their nose, and have a nose that has lost its breathing function and negatively affects the quality of life, the opportunities offered by plastic surgery can be evaluated.